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Two Divers at a site - training wth the Wong guy :-)


Okay, so you’ve decided to make the journey to train with me, what can you expect on the days?


  • We aim to start at 9am, but later if you arrived late in the evening before :-)

  • We will talk about the general plan for the upcoming days and what we will do

  • We will then do some paperwork

  • We begin with a review of your equipment, what you have, what you might need and how everything is working and fitting together for you

  • We will then make a plan for an initial dive that we will use partly for a dive assessment and skills review

  • As required, we will review the basics of buoyancy, trim and essential propulsion (fining) techniques

  • Once our diving cylinders are analysed & ready, we will head out to an appropriate dive site suitable for the work we will be doing

  • At the site, we will discuss the entry & exit and review the plan if needed

  • Once geared up and in the water, we will make a pre-dive weight check which will bring you to within 1Kg of your correct weight

  • The dive begins, and the camera starts rolling!

  • At the end of the dive, we make a full end of dive weight check and find your correct weighting

  • When the dive is completed, we make our way back to the centre to unload and rinse our equipment

  • We then have a video based debriefing session where we can watch and discuss the dive

  • We then make any required equipment changes and set any homework needed for the next day

The first day is normally the longest, but we will have completed most of your equipment setup, tuned up any required parts of your equipment and found your correct weight.  This time investment will pay us back every day after.

The remaining training days follow a similar format


  • We review any homework assignments

  • We do some dive theory if required

  • We prepare equipment for the day

  • We discuss the aim of the day, the skills we will do and the overall dive plan

  • We do any land work to practice skills or drills

Then we go diving :-)


  • You will see demonstrations of any skills you have to perform

  • We will practice everything we have planned

  • We will have time to repeat whatever we need

  • We will take video for later review

  • We can practice any surface skills during the entry and exits

  • We can perform accurate pre dive and end of dive weight checks


After dive, we will get changed, load up and return to base - perhaps via coffee or ice cream!


  • We come back to the centre, rinse and stow the equipment

  • We will do a video based debriefing session and talk about what went well, what worked, what didn't and what we can about that

  • We might do some additional dive theory if required

  • We can make any equipment changes to prepare for the next day

  • We can set any homework (e.g. dive plans, dive calculations, land based skills practice)

  • Time permitting, I will publish some photographs from the day showing some of the cool stuff we did - to make your friends jealous!

Want to start your training?

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