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Sidemount Harness setup workshop


Here you’ll find my training schedule for availability and information about booking.  Days marked "Private" are booked, so please scroll through the months to look for something that will suit.


If you have any questions, please get in touch.


Please send me a message using your preferred platform with the dates you propose to dive (and ideally the dates you propose to fly, so I can look at surface intervals etc.) and I will confirm if they are available.


I receive bookings from multiple sources, so I don’t get them in the diary immediately - so the dates might still show as clear until you receive a confirmation.


I will confirm the dates are available via return message and tentatively book you in.  Once I receive the reservation fee, then the booking will be fully confirmed.

I will then start gathering information from you as outlined on the Information page.


Usually I work with groups of two divers, and the maximum I will book for a course is three.  One to one training is available and can be quite intensive, whereas two divers are better suited to team work oriented training such as technical and overhead diving.


If a group of friends wants to come, and they all know each other and agree and accept the larger class size and implications, then I will take up to three (3).  The days are longer and the time dedicated to each diver is usually a little less, which makes this more suited to higher level courses. 

If you have a confirmed booking and someone else enquires for the SAME course and I determine they are at the SAME level or close enough so as NOT to cause a problem, then I will take the second diver.  I would advise you that a second person is joining and generally put us all in touch before the training and explain how it would work.


If the second diver would detract from the first diver, then I will not take this second booking – an example is a new diver wanting to come when I am running a technical course.

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